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Помогите кто-нибудь с английским, Я из интернета урока

Тимур Мищенко Ученик (13), на голосовании 1 год назад
Task 1 (30 points). Choose the right definition for the following words. Biography, poem, dictionary, encyclopaedia, cookery book, magazine, article, paperback, bibliography, novel A publication that comes weekly or monthly is a __________________. A cheap book in a soft cover is a __________________. A piece of writing in a newspaper is an __________________. The story of a person’s life written by somebody else is a __________________. A short piece of writing (usually rhymed) expressing a deep feeling or thought is a __________________. A list of books on one subject is a __________________. A book with recipes of dishes is a __________________. A book of word definitions is a __________________. A story about people who are not re
Task 2 (10 points).

Open the brackets with the correct form of the verb to be using Past Simple.

Where _________________ (you / be) yesterday morning?
Last Christmas I _________________ (not be) at home.
They _________________ (be) at the sport centre.
_________________ (it / be) a comedy?
Mike and Nick _________________ (be) with me.
She _________________ (be) 12 in 1999.
There _________________ (not be) a red book in my bag.
I _________________ (be) late for classes yesterday.
Hey! That sandwich _________________ (be) for me!
There _________________ (be) six people in the room.
Task 3 (30 points).

Put the verbs in the correct Past Simple form.

My mother _________________ (go) to France last weekend.
I _________________ (be) at school in the morning, and then I went home.
Moira _________________ (give) me a nice birthday present.
Anna _________________ (not / understand) the professor’s explanation.
Mum _________________ (cook) pasta as she knew we were hungry.
We _________________ (like) the film, because we were both into comedies.
It _________________ (not / rain) a lot last week.
_________________ (you / see) Clair at the airport?
We _________________ (be) too exhausted to continue exercising.
Susan _________________ (sleep) seven hours yesterday.
Dean _________________ (buy) a present for his father yesterday.
_________________ (you / do) your homework for Tuesday?
We _________________ (travel) by train last summer.
Nancy _________________ (not visit) her grandparents last week.
I _________________ (speak) to him 5 minutes ago.
Голосование за лучший ответ
Mr. Jam Que Tal? Профи (809) 1 год назад
Что делать ?
Тимур МищенкоУченик (13) 1 год назад
Ну там же написано дз, что нужно делать
Тимур МищенкоУченик (13) 1 год назад
Задание перед тобой !
Yakov Grib Знаток (329) 1 год назад
ответ: 10
Тимур МищенкоУченик (13) 1 год назад
Что 10?
Yakov Grib Знаток (329) -, ладно 5
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