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Помогите пожалуйста, если не сложно ^-^

[°• Memory Of Doll •°] Ученик (100), на голосовании 11 лет назад
Если сдесь есть ошибки, помогите мне исправить их....И нормальный аще екст получился??? Стоит ли ещё что нибудь добавить???

I live not far from Kremlin and Mesherskoe lake. I live in the area called Kanavenskiy. I think this is a very nice area. I live in a typical block of flats. There is no a garden, only a small yard in front of the house.

In my home has got a three bedrooms, kitten and bathrom. I don't shares my room. The room of my own. My favorite place in the home is my bedroom.

My room is bigger than other rooms in my home. She is pink and gold. I think, my room and i very alike, because in my room be always creative clutter and my room very bright. I like draw, play the guitar, sing and rea books in m room.
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