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Ребята помогите пожалуйста!Нужен реферат на английском языке Земля-мой домПомогите пожалуйста,буду очень благодарна)

Ученик (194), на голосовании 6 лет назад
Нужен реферат на английском языке Земля-мой дом
Помогите пожалуйста,буду очень благодарна)
Голосование за лучший ответ
Поищите на этом сайте.Тем там много, может, найдется подходящая
Sunbeam broke through the clouds, a warm wind brought the freshness and the smell of flowers, birds voiced trills heralded the beginning of a new day. Gurgling brook, the rustling leaves, chirping and buzzing insects, light clouds on the piercing blue sky, shining stars on a dark velvet night, falling leaves in autumn and snow-covered trees in winter fairytale.

Is not it wonderful? This gave us the miracle of Our Land! She bore us, nurtured, gave food to eat, water to drink, mineral resources for our benefit, so that we can grow and develop, knowing the world, to improve it. Take a look! Does anywhere else in the foreseeable Space is still the same perfect and beautiful planet, suitable for our lives?

So why not? Why We kind of maniacal frenzy trying to destroy her? Immersed in his eternal bustle of living for themselves, their needs and desires, breaking and fitting for a world that was fast, easy and convenient, we forget about the main thing! That one day, by our selfish ambitions and self-satisfied, our planet may disappear! And if it disappears, then disappear and we will, however great and wise it seemed we would not ourselves, because EARTH OUR WORLD, OUR HOUSE, without which we could not exist!

You say, "What can I do? After all, I am one, so small and my voice is not that the voice of a leader or president, I am not endowed with the power to decide the fate of people and the fate of the planet. "

We will reply: "The government does not solve everything. Every step, every moment of our lives we solve only ourselves, our actions and deeds, his thoughts and his attitude to the world and its environment. "

Each of us is a child of the earth, and if everyone thinks of her as his Mother, before which we are not in debt for life oplatnom, presented to us, for the sun to the sky, for the opportunity to see its beauty, if you feel all the sorrow and pain it from our hatred for each other, from the endless explosions korezhaschih her body, from the barbarous project twiddle her river-veins in the other direction, then things will change, because, once realizing the full horror of his crimes, we do not want to do them.

Our understanding and our love for each other and to her, our Mother, help us find the wisdom and strength to look for another way.

So let us think not only about themselves and their personal happiness, such as we understand it or what made him understand. Let us think and remember that we are not alone in this world that is around us are the same people, our brothers and sisters with the same color as our blood, and a unified homeland - the planet Earth.
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