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who likes extrime?

................. Знаток (312), закрыт 13 лет назад
like freestyle on bicycles?
Лучший ответ
Julietteka Гуру (3278) 13 лет назад
It's my life! That's why I'm still alone as it's difficult to find a man who is no afraid of a girl like me!
BUT!!! Extreme should be deliberate. That's the way to get pleasure and not hurts from extreme!!!
Остальные ответы
Руслан Абушкин Высший разум (297354) 13 лет назад
I really like extrime...
unixaix CATIA Искусственный Интеллект (218989) 13 лет назад
first of all you should better learn english
JuliettekaГуру (3278) 13 лет назад
The adverb "better" should stand at the end of the sentence!
unixaix CATIA Искусственный Интеллект (218989) who told you that? it's not a German
BaLi Мастер (1808) 13 лет назад
ай донт эндестенд моя твая непонимайт (
Asriel Мыслитель (5374) 13 лет назад
actually I prefer aggressive roller the way, why have you asked about it?
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