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Определите функцию слов, заканчивающихся на –ing:

Знаток (324), закрыт 3 месяца назад
а) Participle I в функции определения;
б) Participle I в функции обстоятельства;
в) Participle I в составе временной группы Continuous;
г) герундий.
1. Now mail centers are normally built in the style of factories and include all appropriate handling equipment.
2. The attenuation of these waves is rather small and practically independent of time of day and the season and that is why they are used for carrying continuous radio communication over long distances.
3. A ground radar system is providing information by which aircrafts approaches to landing.
4. Being small in size, consuming less power transistors quickly substituted for valves.(Можно без перевода)
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