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Дз по английскому

Vika Dudko Дудко Ученик (92), открыт 1 месяц назад
ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА С АНГЛИЙСКИМ!!!! Tell about your school building or another building in your town. Use articles a, an, and, sentences with no articles.
2 ответа
Шото У Ашота Мастер (1777) 1 месяц назад
Расскажи про здание своей школы или другое здание в твоем городе. Как пришлешь текст, так и переведем
Ilya Hämäläinen Мастер (1209) 1 месяц назад
My town has a beautiful school building that is a symbol of education and learning. The building is a large, red brick structure with white columns and a clock tower. The school has a spacious playground with a basketball court and a football field. The classrooms are well-equipped with modern technology and comfortable furniture. The school library is a quiet and peaceful place where students can read books and study. The cafeteria serves delicious and healthy food, and the school has a gymnasium for physical education classes. The school building is an important part of the community, and it is a place where students can learn, grow, and achieve their dreams.
Vika Dudko ДудкоУченик (92) 1 месяц назад
А перед basketball разве ставится a?
Ilya Hämäläinen Мастер (1209) Vika Dudko Дудко, да
Vika Dudko ДудкоУченик (92) 1 месяц назад
Ilya Hämäläinen Мастер (1209) Vika Dudko Дудко, американцам виднее как и где, куда ставить артикли)
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