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Напишите время и залог(актив/пассив)

Виктория Дунаева Ученик (100), закрыт 14 часов назад
Vlad (invited) many friends to his birthday party.
Vlad (was invited) to a birthday party by his friend yesterday.
The repairs (will be made) next month.
A lot of apartment houses (are being built) in our city now.
The books of this writer (are read) all over the world.
He (asked) the teacher about this rule.
The teacher (was asked) the question by Sam.
He (was met) at the station yesterday.
The blinds (will be hanged) tomorrow.
Exercises (are written) in the class every day.
The sofa (was placed) in the left corner.
This problem was not (discussed) in the class.
Was the letter (sent) yesterday?
I (answer) my brother’s letter last week?
Where is the bedroom (located) in your house?
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Натан Барано Гений (67768) 1 месяц назад
Написал. Ответ вышлю после поступления аванса)))
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