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Народ сделайте легенькое задание... каждому 10 баллов Английский язык...

елена елена Ученик (117), на голосовании 10 лет назад
Match the words with their meaning. (disk, icon,mouse,modem,menu,desktop,keyboard,key,cursor,printer. for sending information from one computer to another.
2.the picture,icons and words on a computer screen.
3.the row at the top of a computer screen saying what you can do
4.a sign on a computer screen that you click on to make it do something. with letters, numbers and signs you use to work a computer.
6.the machine that puts words and pictures from your computer on paper you press with your fingerr to click on computer icons.
8.the small arrow you move with the mouse on a computer screen.
9.a round, flat piece of plastic for storing information from a computer. part with a letter, number or sign on a keyboard.
Put the verb in the Present Perfect. Present Perfect
1. My brother has invented (invent) a new drink. Do you want to try it?
2.I'm tired. I _________ (work) really hard this week.
3.My uncle ___________( move) to a new house. He lives in Bridge Avenue now.
4. Inga's got an excellent holiday job. She ________________ (earn) 300 pounds this week.
5.Paul __________ (travel) all over the world. He speaks lots of languages.
6.We ____________ (try) to help him but he doesn't want our help.
7.Katie is always busy now because she __________ ( start) her new course.
8.They ____________ (decide) to go and live in Australia.
9.I'm really angry because somebody _______________ (open) my letter from Josh.
10. We __________ (look) this word up in the dictionary but we still don't understand it.
Сomplete the sentences with the Present Perfect negative.
1. I looked at the website last month but I haven't looked at it this month.
2.Martin called me last week but he ___________ me this week.
3.They climbed three mountains last year but this year they _________________ any.
4.Sara played tennis a lot last summer but this summer she ______________ it once.
5.You used the computer last term but you ____________ it this term.
6.They watched TV every day last week but this week they __________ it at all.
Use the cues to write sentences with never and the Present Perfect.
1. I never (use) a video camera.
I've never used a video camera.
2.Liz never (try) windsurfing.
3.They never (walk) up this mountain.
4.Carly never (work) in a shop.
5.Steve never (play) chess in a tournament.
6.We never (travel) by boat.
7.I never (look) in my sister's diary.
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