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Мастер (1960), закрыт 12 лет назад
when i come to the club step aside

part the seas, don`t be havin` me in the line

VIP cuz u know i gotta shine

i am fergie ferg and me love u long time

all my girls get down on the floor

back to back, drop it down real low

i am such a lady, but i am dancin` like a ho

cus u know i don`t give a fuck so here we go

how come every time u come around

my london london bridge want to go down like

london london london

want to go down like

london london london

be goin` down like

now as the drinks start pourin` and my speech start slurrin`, everybody start

lookin` real good

oh shit

grey goose got your girl feelin` loose

now i`m wishing that i didn`t wear these shoes( i hate heels)

it`s like every time i get upon the dude

paparazzi put my business in the news

and i am like get up out my face

before i turn around and spray your ass with my mace

my lips make u want to have a taste

u got that

i got the bass

me like a bullet type, u know they commin` right

fergie lovin` `em long time

my girls support, right?

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