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Статья на английском про строительство

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Здравствуйте, помогите, пожалуйста, найти статью про строительство на английском языке. Количество символов - около 5 000.
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Residential construction

Building industry including residential and industrial construction holds an important place in the national economy and is being carried out on a large scale. It is the largest industry in the country.
Housing is the most prominent factor affecting the level of living. The improvement of the housing represents a concrete and visible rise in the general level of living.
The ever growing housing demands have brought to life new methods of construction. With great emphasis upon standardization, new levels of technological advance utilizing such techniques as prefabrication, use of reinforced concrete panels and large-scale site planning. Present –day designs for residential construction envisage all modern amenities for a dwelling, they advocate larger, better built and better equipped flats and houses. There is a marked improvement in the heating and ventilation systems as well as in hot-water supply, kitchen and sanitary fittings.
A house which is a physical environment where a family develops is acquiring a new and modern look.
Now many architects are turning against multistorey residential buildings of concrete and glass. Living in them people feel themselves unhappy, isolated, devoid of beauty and influence of nature.

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http:// wiki /Construction
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