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How I can find job in Russian

Saybaba Профи (525), закрыт 13 лет назад
Looking for a job. Anybody can help?
Мася Гуру (2925) 13 лет назад
Can you speak Russian?
If no, i can....
Timothy Знаток (380) 13 лет назад
From your question it is really hard to help you. It depends on several parametrs. Where are you seeking job? Where are you now? What languages do you know? Etc. You may write me a leter i will try to help you.
Javid Abbasov Мудрец (13742) 13 лет назад
Menden sene bir yerli kimi meslehet: qal Azerbaijanda ishle, amma Rusiyaya getme. Ozu de incime: Bayraghimizi shekil yerine yapishdirmaq duz deyil.
BLACKIE Гуру (3480) 13 лет назад
Do not look for a job in Russia. Go with me and i'll show you where an ideal job is. Trust me, churka!
АНЖЕЛИКА гУБАЙДУЛЛИНА Ученик (139) 13 лет назад

may I ask you? Are you know Russian? How long you are here?
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