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Переведите английский фанфик на русский язык. Заранее спасибо!

Ученик (142), закрыт 1 год назад
Я пыталась перевести в гугле и яндексе но там такой кривой перевод. Невозможно читать.
Вот текст:
It was a passionate kiss with your beloved in bed. We had an unforgettable night. I woke up this morning from pain in the lower abdomen. I did a pregnancy test. He showed two bands. I ran to her beloved and has announced that we will soon have a baby. Glad he is going to be a dad.

He caressed my tummy. Laying her warm hand on belly. The baby was pushing on my tummy. Favorite kissed her belly and said "I love you so much baby mine." He thanked me for the pregnancy. Saying "Thank you for the baby." We went to bed.

I was very sick in the mornings. But despite the fact I was very happy. Because soon we Jan will be a small miracle. Ian wooed me when I was sick. I already the eighth week of pregnancy. I was cranky from the hormones, and Yang blew away with me like a speck of dust with porcelain figurines.
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Аня Бичукова Ученик (142) Почему?
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