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Помогите, пожалуйста перевести на англ. яз! Срочно!! ! PLEASE!!!

Solnishko Мастер (1610), закрыт 12 лет назад

1) Надоело мне слушать эту заунывную музыку. Мне ужасно нравиться современная поп - музыка.
2) Хватит меня разыгрывать. Ты не мог нарисовать эту картину сам, кто - то сделал это за тебя.
3) Один из моих приятелей пошёл в отца. Он очень честолюбивый человек и всегда хочет быть впереди всех.
4) Ей надоела её старомодная причёска, и она решила постричься и покрасить волосы.
5) Он всегда чувствовал себя не в своей тарелке в компании людей, борющихся за теплое местечко под солнцем.
Лучший ответ
Mashanya Гений (79368) 12 лет назад
1) I'm sick and tired of listening to this sad (= mournful = melancholy) music. I am fond of modern (up-to-date) pop music.
2) Stop kidding me. You couldn't paint this picture yourself, somebody made it for you.
3) One of my fellows took after his father. He is very ambitious and he always wants to lead (= be the first = be ahead of others)
4) She got sick and tired of her old-fashioned (out-date) hair-do (=hair-dress), and she decided (=made up her mind) to make her hair cut and coloured.
5) He never felt quite at home in a company of people who were making the mark.

Надо быть терпеливее, SolnYshko;-)
SolnishkoМастер (1610) 12 лет назад
Thanks a lot, but in last there is a mistake..
colored= dyed
Mashanya Гений (79368) My pleasure! No mistake, except this one ...but in THE last SENTENCE... Who told you this, I wonder...;-)
Остальные ответы
Пробежий Мудрец (11912) 12 лет назад
1) Tired of me to listen to this zaunyvnuyu music. I am awfully like a modern pop - music.
2) is enough for me to play. You can not paint this picture of himself, who - then do it for you.
3) One of my buddies went to the father. He is a very ambitious person and always wants to be ahead of everybody.
4) She was tired of its old hairstyle, and she decided postrichsya and hair dye.
5) He has always felt like a fish out of the plate in the company of people who are fighting for a warm place in the sun.
SolnishkoМастер (1610) 12 лет назад
Thank you so much! i havent knew that there is a translator in Google!^_^
МАЛИНка Профи (723) 12 лет назад
1) Has bothered me to listen to this abstruse music. Awfully to be pleasant to me modern the priest - music. 2) will suffice me to play. You could not draw this picture itself, someone has made it for you. 3) one of my friends has gone to the father. He very ambitious person and always wishes to be ahead of all. 4) it was bothered with its old-fashioned hairdress, and she has solved постричься and to paint hair. 5) he always felt dickey in the company of the people struggling for a cushy job under the sun.
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