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"Lenina's relationship with John brings her to an emotional, physical, but not intellectual experience of love"

Nomad Koenig Ученик (10), закрыт 10 месяцев назад
What does "intellectual experience" mean?
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P̲u̲t̲ i̲n̲ Мудрец (14325) 1 год назад
An "intellectual experience" refers to an experience or understanding that is driven by thought, logic, and reasoning rather than by emotions or physical sensations. In the context of love or a relationship, an intellectual experience might involve deep conversations, shared interests, mutual understanding, and mental stimulation. It might also entail understanding and appreciating the other person's mindset, values, perspectives, and ideas.
Thus, saying "Lenina's relationship with John brings her to an emotional, physical, but not intellectual experience of love" suggests that their relationship was characterized by emotional connections and physical intimacy, but lacked intellectual depth or stimulation. It might imply that they didn't connect on a deeper intellectual level, maybe due to lack of shared intellectual pursuits, deep conversations, or mutual understanding on a mental level.
Nomad KoenigУченик (10) 1 год назад
Thx, man. But what is "deep conversation"? Always see this phrase, what does it mean?
P̲u̲t̲ i̲n̲ Мудрец (14325) Batu Xasikov, "Deep conversation" typically refers to discussion that goes beyond casual or surface-level topics. Instead of talking about the weather, what you did today, or other small talk, a deep conversation dives into more substantial, meaningful, and thought-provoking subjects. Examples of deep conversation topics could be discussing your life goals and ambitions, exploring your thoughts on the purpose of life, debating ethical issues, or sharing personal stories that have shaped who you are today.
Остальные ответы
Зыня Зерцало Оракул (73252) 1 год назад
Leii sunt foarte întreprinzători și au o perspectivă largă, atât de multe profesii sunt potrivite pentru ei: diplomați, oameni de știință, profesori, jurnaliști, producători, regizori, scenaristi, negociatori etc. Bună ziua, pentru o persoană cu semnul zodiacal Leu, locurile de muncă potrivite sunt ca - avocat, profesor, om de știință, model de modă, jurnalist, chirurg, medic de chirurgie plastică.
РасщепительПыли Мыслитель (7100) 1 год назад
Я понимаю это как "осознанный любовный опыт".
konbanwa Искусственный Интеллект (180096) 1 год назад
Это означает: Как была дурочкой - так и осталась.
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