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Time... We appreciate it, our time??

NEP Мудрец (17337), закрыт 13 лет назад
Дополнен 13 лет назад
" Время...Мы его ценим???"
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Prometheus Искусственный Интеллект (246305) 13 лет назад
I like to listen to Pink Floyd and especially this album "The dark Side of the Moon" and the song Money. But if I try to answer your question specifically if we appreciate our time or not that I can say we come to understand this truth sometimes very late. Here are some lines of my own song:
Life is short
Don't you see
And it makes you sad
The more days
You could live
The less are left ahead
You think you'll be
Staunch for ever
But get it out of your head
In due time
Your body bends down
And your eye grows dim and bad
Your days
You waste
And can't return
Your days
Leave their trace
They burn
Life is short....

NEPМудрец (17337) 13 лет назад
Fine words in this song!!!
It would be desirable to hear still this song...
Thanks for answer and for this words from Your song!!)))
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COVALENT BOND Мастер (1796) 13 лет назад
Well... Depends on who you do you call "we".
We here appreciate very much. Time waste - is a form of stagnation
Waiting for that video of yours to download - is a waste of time
NEPМудрец (17337) 13 лет назад
"We" - peoples of our planet...
I am glad for You..))
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