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Где можно найти рассказ на английском языке про спортивный матч???

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The fifth round, without doubts, has turned out most событийным in the starting championship of Russia. It and the central match with "the Locomotive" and "Zenith" participation, come to the end fighting drawn game. In the same match there was the most serious scandal of the championship because of infringement by Petersburg club of a limit on quantity of legionaries. It threatens "Zenith" with technical defeat with the account 0:3. It is magnificent game of "Ruby" and Argentinean Alehandro Domingesa in a house match from "Dynamo" therefore the Kazan club left in individual leaders. It and het-trik the Serbian halfback of CSKA of Milosha Krasicha which have broken "Khimkis" situated near Moscow. Besides, we will note Valery Karpin's victorious debut on the trainer's bridge "Спартака", the first house victory of "Tom'" and the first goal of Perm "Amkara"... Let's begin with the most important and scandalous match of round." The locomotive "accepted on the home field"Zenith"and in this match, probably, the destiny of the head coach of"railwaymen"Rashida Rakhimov dared. After dreadful defeat from CSKA (1:4), on hearings, the helmsman of"Loko"could remain without work in case of defeats from"Zenith"and from the same CSKA in an UEFA Cup quarterfinal. It is not surprising that Rakhimov has constructed game from defence. Вдевятером, and sometimes and ten together,"railwaymen"as if, real outsiders, beat off from the massed attacks of"Zenith". As has written our observer Pavel Tikhonov, the home team if to take cautious association with fauna, reminded the hedgehog braided in a ball. Questions are not present, to steal up to a small animal was business uneasy. It bit, pricked. In general, in every possible way did not yield. To reveal and run it has forced only an approaching break. Before an interval there was a moment at Biljaletdinova. In the rest"Zenith"was the owner today. After the first time питерцы twice surpassed the contender in an indicator of possession of a ball and five times (!) – by quantity of blows towards gate. And after a break the quantity of attacks of visitors has passed in quality. On 58th minute after draw penal the ball in a grid of gate of Mareka of the Czech was driven by the Korean defender Kim Dong Chzhin. However on 71st minute also after the standard Brazilian Rodolfo heading has unexpectedly made even the account." Локо "has rushed to extract a victory, but has run into the counterattack removal of Marko Bashi last hopes against Pavel Pogrebnjaka became which result. During remained time" the Zenith "some times could pull out a victory, but of the chances has not taken advantage. However as a result of an error of a trainer's staff of" Zenith "after this game can remain at all without points. With 81st on 85th minute as a part of visitors in the field was seven legionaries, and by rules it is necessary, as you know, six. This rough infringement of regulations. Probably all: from the penalty before technical defeat. Thus in regulations of the championship of accurate punishment for similar offence it is not registered! However officials РФС do not doubt the most rigid punishment of Petersburg club." Yes, such situation in regulations really it is not registered.
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