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Помогите ответить на вопросы по английскому????

Артем Ученик (238), закрыт 13 лет назад

1 What is the most efficient means of promoting a better understanding in all spheres of human activity?
What formats of business letters do you know?
What is the standard opening greeting if you don't know a contact name?
4 Which closing greetings are the most suitable for business letters?
5 Where can a date be written in business correspondence?
6 What does a businessman do to save the time on a business trip?
7. Which functions could a business trip include?
8 How many parts does the body of business letter generally consist of?
9 What does the abbreviation 'cc' mean?
10 What does the abbreviation 'c/o' mean?
11 What phrases are used to state the reference at the beginning of a letter?
12 What can you write when other documents are included with the letter?
13 What is the best way to apologize in a business style letter?
14 How do you express the reason for writing?
15 Which way can you express urgency in your business letter?
16 What is the best way to behave for a businessman?
17 What qualities are highly appreciated in a businessman?
18 Why do businessmen make appointments in advance?
19 What does the abbreviation 'ASAP' mean?
20 How do you make a written confirmation?
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Olga Tishineva Просветленный (40456) 13 лет назад
Шутить изволите, полагая, что людям больше заняться нечем, бесплатно отвечая на ваши вопросы?; -)
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