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Перепишите предложения в единственном числе....

Анастасия Потехина Ученик (35), на голосовании 13 лет назад
1) Are there any geese on the pond?
2) Our school are near.
3) These watches are broken.
4) Those Rock and Roll bands are loud.
5) There are many fish in the sea.
6) There are potatoes for dinner.
7) Those knives are very sharp.
8) Your children are very good.
9) The cliffs are dangerous.
10)There are many car crashes every year.
Голосование за лучший ответ
Ксюнька !!! Профи (994) 13 лет назад
1)is there any goose on the pond?
2) My school are near.
3) This watch is broken.
4) This Rock and Roll band is loud.
5) There is many fish in the sea.
6) There is potato for dinner.
7) This knive are very sharp.
8) Your child is very good.
9) The cliff is dangerous.
10)There is many car crashe every year.
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