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Помогите ответь на вопросы по английскому.

kinomanTB Знаток (295), закрыт 12 лет назад
1-When do you usually return home from shool? Wehen does your mather (father) return from work?
2-Why don't people often knock on doors these days?
When did you do it last?
3-Haw long is a man's (woman's) life in Rassia?
4-When did Peter the Great , the first Rassian emperor die? What is the date of his death?
5-In What season do strong winds usually blow in the place where you live?
6-Do you often kill time? When did you do that last ?
7-Can you catch a dall with one hand?
8-Do you often catch colds in autumn? In winter?
9-Do you sometimes burn hands When you cook?
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Парасья Дмитриева Высший разум (104770) 12 лет назад
1 I usually return at 5. so do my parents
3 rather short, over 60
4 1725
5 winter
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