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помогите с английским

Iren Мастер (1686), закрыт 12 лет назад
Нужен не очень сложный текст про вымирающих животных (еndапgеrеd)
хз, чё делать. надо сестренке помочь! она в 6 классе!
Помогите, плз!
Лучший ответ
Wladimir Hodorov Просветленный (25026) 12 лет назад
Endangered species

Every day in the world die several species out. This are animals, insects, birds, plants or other biological organisms. The reasons for this we can find in the evolution, but also in the human activities like polluting of the water, earth and air, which also causes the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is based on reinforcement of the temperature growing on the earth surface, which develops out of high emmissions (dangerous gases, e.g. CFC) from the factories. Through temperature rising some of the animals are not able to adapt fastly to the new life conditions and die out. The greenhouse effect influences also the weather and the climate and the environment of the animals changes, the result is also the death for some species. But not only the greenhouse effect is the enemy of the animals. The people are the enemy of the nature Nr.1. We can always see on the market materials, from which our closes were done - especially in the winter-time. This are fur and leather and both were made from animals, which were killed. And there are thousands of handbags, jackets, shoes and other accessories all over the world, which were made out of animals.
Остальные ответы
Zhanna Aliyeva Мастер (1756) 12 лет назад
Не балуйте сою сестренку. Не приучайте её к списыванию. Почему вы потакаете лени ребенка в 6 классе? Даже если она вызубрит то, что для вас написали, это не прибавит знаний в ее голове. Заставьте ребенка учиться!
IrenМастер (1686) 12 лет назад
Да что вы говорите такое в самом-то деле? Ребенку задали текст найти. у нее интернет с телефона, тем более, она не умеет искать.
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