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Нужен доклад про любого знаменитого спортсмена на английском языке!!!

Мастер (1325), закрыт 4 года назад
Плз выручите, переводчики грёбаные криво переводят. Помогите
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Andrey Sergeyevich Arshavin was born on May 29, 1981 to Leningrad (nowadays – St. Petersburg). The love to football in Arshavin since the childhood was brought up by the father. It was the quite good player therefore aspired and to see in the son similar attachment to game. Andrey Arshavin was fond also of drafts, even had on them the youthful category. Andrey was engaged in the House of pioneers and school students of the Vasileostrovsky area. His instructor convinced that professional game in drafts is that area where Arshavin can reach considerable successes. But Andrey Arshavin chose other way – football.

это биография.
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заходишь в википедию, находишь про любого спортсмена, и выбираешь язык - английский (там сбоку, где выбор языков) =)Все! доклад готов =)
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Тьфу, про Аршавина.. .
Лучше найдите про Усэйна Болта.
Ну напиши...
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