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ReysetX Ученик (119), открыт 3 недели назад
No other city in the world offers as many (1) (different) theatres as New York. You can see the (2) (new) plays and shows on Broadway. But away from the (3) (bright) lights of Broadway there are many (4) (small) theatres. They are often (5) (unusual) than the Broadway shows. The (6) (fine) Broadway musicals like “Cats,” “Miss Saigon” live for months, some (7) (bad) musicals live for days.The Metropolitan Opera (the Met) is (8) (good) known throughout the world. The (9) (outstanding) and (10) (talented) international stars sing here from September until April. But even (11) (enthusiastically) the stars participate in concerts in the Carnegie Hall. The Carnegie Hall is the city’s (12) (popular) concert hall. It was opened in 1891 with a concert conducted by one of the (13) (prominent) and (14) (favorite) Russian composers P.I. Tchaikovsky. No other hall is as (15) (famous) as that one.
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