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Помогите решить английский !!!

LostLife Гуру (3139), на голосовании 12 лет назад
1. Many and much are used in:
a) positive statements,b) negative statements,c) questions.
2. A lot of is used in:
a) positive statements,b) negative statements,c) questions.
3. Many and a few are used with:
a) countable nouns,b) uncountable nouns.
4. Much and a little are used with:
a) countable nouns,b) uncountable nouns.
5. With expressions using not … enough, the word enough comes:
a) before the noun,b) after the noun.

Task 4. Make up questions and answers as in the example using the prompts below.
Example: oranges / in the fridge
-How many oranges are there in the fridge?
-There are a lot of oranges. / in the printer: not much
2.people / in the room: a lot of / on TV: too little
4.videos / on the shelf: not many / in the wallet: some
6.paper clips / in the box: a few
7.files / in the folder: too many / in the cup: a little reference books / in the bookcase: some

Task 5. Choose the correct expression.

1.I’m afraid I haven’t got some / any sugar, but you can have some / any honey if you like.
2.Do you know if there are some / any Internet cafes in Kolomna?
3.Would you like some / any coffee?
4.If you prefer, you can have some / any tea.
5.They don’t have some / any information about the meeting on Wednesday.
6.I haven’t got much / many money today.
7.I’ve got a few / a little fruit and a lot of / many vegetables.
8.- May I borrow a few / a little spaghetti? - Yes, you can have a few / a little packets if you want.
9.He’s got a lot of / many videos but not many / not much books.
10.She’s got a lot of / much work but not many / not much time.
11.They don’t seem to have much / many free time these days.
12.He has only read a few / a little pages of that book, but he likes it.
13.- Does he show much / many interest in programming?- Yes, a lot / a lot of.

Task 6. Justin Cooper is a radio disc jockey. Complete what he is saying. Put in “some” or “any”.

That was “I can’t find _______ love” by Arlene Black. Now, I've had _______ letters asking for something by Express. One listener says she hasn’t heard _______ Express songs on this program for months. Well, I’m going to put that right. And this will be our last track because there isn’t _______ more time left. We’ve had _______ great songs tonight, and I’ll be here next week to play _______ more. Now here’s _______ music from Express – “I never have _______ luck”.
Голосование за лучший ответ
Наталья Мастер (1396) 12 лет назад
1 hOW MANY INK are there in the printer? Not much.
2hOW MANY people are there in the room? There are a lot of people/
3hOW MANY sports are there on the TV? There are too little sports on the TV/
И вес в таком роде, просто слова другие подставить.
1 Any
2 Any
3 some
4 some
5 any
6 much
7 few
8 a little
9a lot of a few
10 much
11 much
12 a few
13 much a lot
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Источник: English in mind 3,курс на котором я обучаюсь.
LostLifeГуру (3139) 12 лет назад
огромное спасибо ...с меня 10 баллов ...а если я буду присылать еще -- сможешь мне помочь ?
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